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The Wrecks

The Ramon

Depth: 22 m

80 meter long cargo ship, launched in 1873, she sank in 1921 for unknown reasons a few yards from the beach of Cavalaire, resting in 22 meters of water. This wreck is accessible to CMAS 1* divers, PADI Open Water (or equivalent).

The Prophète

Depth: 32 m

Launched in 1853, this 42-meter long steamboat which sank at the Cap Lardier is the oldest known wreck of a ship using a propeller. She rests in 32m of water, and many conger eels and scorpion fish find refuge inside the wreckage. Nice shipwreck, ideal for underwater photographers.

The Rubis

Depth: 40 m

One of the most beautiful wrecks of the Mediterranean and one of the rare submarines accessible to scuba divers. 66m long, she was launched in 1931, and was one of the first submarines to join the “FFNL” (Free Naval French Forces) as of July 1940. Then in 1958 she was scuttled near Cap Camarat by one of its former captains who refused to deliver her remains to scrap buyers. Resting on white sand in 40 meters of water, this wreck attracts lots of fish and will leave those visiting her for the first time with an unforgettable memory.

The Espingole

Depth: 40 m

Built in Le Havre in 1900, this 330 metric ton torpedo boat (56 meters long, 6 meters wide) powered by two 2660 hp engines did hit at high speed the “Petit Sec du Cap Lardier" where she was beached on February 4th, 1903. As she was towed, the cables broke and she sank in 40 meters of water, a few hundred yards of the Pointe Andati

The Torpilleur 178

Depth: 48 m

Torpedo boats were small high speed ships armed with heavy weaponry. Their size and speed allowed them to be used to attack very large ships. Launched in July 1893, the T178, type “126 modified” is 37 meters long, she was sunk during attack drills on November 27th, 1921. The wreck rests in 48 meters of water in the vicinity of the “Togo”.

The Togo also known as Ville de Valence

Depth: 58 m

Beautiful shipwreck, the remains of this 76-meter long cargo ship launched in 1882 sank by a German mine on May 12th, 1918. Reserved for experienced divers because of a depth close to 58 meters she is worth passing the CMAS 3* diver certification, just to have the privilege to pay her a visit. She stands upright covered with a shroud of purple gorgonians and seems ready to take a new start like a Ghost Ship such as the Flying Dutchman.